Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is mobile wallet?
Mobile wallet is a mobile banking account. A customer can deposit (cash-in), withdraw (cash-out), send money (money transfer between wallets) and make payments using this wallet under the guideline of Bangladesh Bank.
Who is payment partner/merchant?
A company, business enterprise or government with a bank account in SureCash partner banks and mobile banking account or wallet with the same bank. Payment partners collect / disburse different types of payments using SureCash wallet.
I want to be a payment partner.
Please email us to We will contact you right away.
Who is an agent?
Agent provides cash-in, cash-out and account opening services to customers.
I want to become a SureCash agent, but how?
Welcome! You need to have
a. A physical shop
b. Trade licensee
c. Valid National ID/ Passport/Driving license
d. 1 copy of passport size photo

In 3 ways you can contact us
a. Visit SureCash distributor of your area
b. Send us email
c. Call to our helpline

SureCash Account

Can I open a SureCash account?
Any citizen of Bangladesh can open SureCash account. To be a customer, you must have:
- Valid National ID/Passport/Driving license.
- Subscription of any active mobile operator.
Do I need a bank account to open/use SureCash customer account?
No, you do not need to have a bank account to open/use SureCash customer account.
How can I open my SureCash account?
Complete Rupali Bank SureCash account registration through e-KYC with few easy steps:

A. Take a picture of your National Identity Card (NID)
B. Give required information
C. Take a photo of your face
D. Set a PIN

You can also open a SureCash mobile banking account by visiting your nearest authorized SureCash agent point.

Account Access

Do I need smartphone to use this service?
No. You just need a mobile phone. All types of mobile phone supports our service.
Can I access into my SureCash account from another mobile?
No you cannot access through USSD menu. But you can access through smartphone app with the registered device.
How can I open my SureCash account?
- Visit your nearby SureCash agent.
- Fill up KYC form with all necessary details.
- Provide 1 copy passport size photo and copy of valid National ID/Passport/Driving license card.
- Agent will process the documents and open your account.

Send Money

To whom I can send money?
You can send money to another personal SureCash account holders.
Can I send money to any bank account?
No, you can only send money to another personal SureCash account.
Is there any service charge?
Any amount you send, the service charge is tk 4. The send money amount remains within the limit as per Bangladesh Bank Guideline.
What should I do if I send money to a wrong number?
Always make sure the amount of transaction and the receiver’s account number is correct. SureCash will not be liable for any kind of wrong transaction because the customer himself inputs the receiver’s account number and the amount of money, also confirms by providing his/her SureCash account’s PIN. SureCash has no authority to refund the customer without any direction of the court.

Bill Payment

How do to pay my bills?
You just need to know the payment keyword, bill no. /meter no. /account no.
Bill payment process
- Dial *495# USSD Menu
- Select PAYMENT option
- Enter Bill Number
- After that Amount will be shown/if not enter amount
- Type Pin. Payment complete
I paid my bill using SureCash but the service providers tells that bill is not paid. What can I do now?
After payment completion you will get one SMS that contains the transaction ID and other details. Please share this transaction ID with your service provider and confirm that payment is completed.

Mobile Recharge

Can I recharge my mobile number?
Yes. You can recharge your mobile number anytime.
Can I recharge another mobile number?
Yes. You can recharge any mobile operators’ number.
Is there any charge?
No. It’s completely free of cost.

SureCash Tariffs/Charges

How much do you charge for your services?
- Cash in is absolutely free
- 1.8% service charge of the cash-out amount. Minimum charge is tk 5
- Send money per transaction charge is tk 4
- Bill and education payment charge varies institution to institution. Minimum charge is tk 4


I forget my PIN, what do I do now?
Please call to this helpline number – 09614016495
How shall I be notified after each transaction?
You will get an instant flash notification and also a confirmation SMS after each transaction.
How to ensure the safety of my account?
Do not share the PIN code with anyone.
Can I change my SureCash account’s PIN code?
Yes, you can change your SureCash account’s PIN code through our USSD menu or smartphone app.
I lost my mobile, can I access to my account?
- You can login through app only from registered devices.
- You cannot access through USSD. You need to get the SIM from respective mobile operator first. Then you can login to your account.

SureCash App

What is SureCash App?
SureCash App is a dedicated service for SureCash smartphone customers to use their mobile wallet. It can be downloaded from Google play store and Apple app store. Customers can easily login into the app by their wallet number and pin code. Having active internet connection customers can do all transactions easily by using SureCash App service.
Do you have iOS supported app?
Yes, we have both android and iOS supported app.
Usage of SureCash App:
Like USSD menu all services can be availed in easier manner using SureCash App Such as Cash in, Send Money, Cash out, Mobile Recharge, Payment. More features are:
- Transaction history.
- Repeat transactions from history.
- Ensured more security as only one device can be registered in SureCash App at a time.
- Both in Bengali and English version.

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